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Domain Whitelist

Domain Whitelisting 

Within ThreePBX Administrators can add or remove domains from their list of Whitelisted Domains. Freemail domains (gmail, yahoo, etc.) are “greylisted” and cannot be whitelisted. To ensure effective communication of platform alerts, password reset, and correspondence with Customer Success, ThreePBX domains might need to be whitelisted by your internal IT department.

ThreePBX uses email as one of its primary methods of communication. Here are the domains and email addresses for your internal IT to Whitelist so you can receive platform alerts, password resets and correspondence from your Customer Success Manager:

ThreePBX Domain:

Caution: THREE PBX will use the following email addresses to send you notifications and system updates. Please add them to your spam filter whitelist.
ThreePBX Email Addresses:

support@threepbx.comEmail from this address is from our trouble ticketing system. All ticket updates will come from this address.
billing@threepbx.comThis email is used to send your monthly account statement and other billing-related material.
porting@threepbx.comThis email address will be used to send you updates on LNP status.
noreply@threepbx.comThis address is used by our CRM system to schedule appointments and for other for non-technical correspondence.

What to do if you are not receiving from ThreePBX.

  1. Check your SPAM/junk folder. If you find an email from ThreePBX in your SPAM/junk folder, you can mark it as safe. 
  2. If you have checked your SPAM/Junk folders and tabs, and still do not see any messaging, you will need to contact your IT department and request that they add ThreePBX domains to your organization's safe-sender list; this is called “whitelisting.” Whitelisting marks a domain as friendly to your email servers.