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How to Connect the Yealink W52P


 Yealink W52P

Just Received your Phone in the Mail? Follow the Instructions Below. 

Connecting the Yealink W52P to the Internet 

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Part One

1. Locate the Base Station

2. Connect the Base Station to the Power Source and the "Internet Port" to your Modem/Router.  

3. Once the Base station is indicator lights are Green, please continue. (note: this can take up to 5 minutes for the base station to completely boot up. 

4. The phone will begin to work! 

Part Two

1. Locate the charger cradle and connect to wall outlet, as shown below

2. Insert the batteries into the handset. (skip this step if the batteries arrived pre-installed) 

3. Hold down the "End Button" to turn on the phone. 

3. If the phone does not power on, you will need to recharge the battery by adding the phone to the charging cradle

If you experience any issues, contact our Support team at 551-202-7040