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Spam Control for DIDs (powered by Nomorobo)

Nomorobo for Business

Nomorobo for Business is a cloud-based service that blocks spam calls from reaching business users’ phones using an FTC-approved technology that analyzes incoming calls and rapidly detects robocallers, telemarketers, and scammers. Legitimate calls come through normally, but illegal robocalls are stopped before they have a chance to bother the PBX user.

Nomorobo for Business is different than the free service that Nomorobo offers for consumer landlines. The free service only starts to work after the consumer's phone is ringing. This means that users of the consumer free service will always have the inconvenience of hearing the phone ring one or more times before Nomorobo activates, and the spam calls will be visible in the phone call history.

In contrast, Nomorobo for Business works before the phone starts to ring. This allows the call to be diverted to the user's voicemail or hung up without interrupting the PBX user. And unlike the free consumer service, with Nomorobo for Business, spam calls do not clutter the phone call history (although they can be viewed in the PBX portal).

How to Enable Spam Blocking on Individual Phone Number 

Premium Service

This is a premium service that incurs a monthly charge for each DID on which it is enabled. Consult with your sales representative for pricing information or you can email