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Voice & UCaaS v2.0

Voice & UCaaS v2.0

 Our full class-five soft switch is custom built to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, customization and ease of use, so you have an industry leading unified communications platform.

Cutting-Edge Communication Systems for More Than Making Calls.

ThreePBX robust communication tools for all-in-one communication. 

New Features:

Mobile App - GoVoip

Keep work and personal phone details separate with an app for your VoIP system. Users receive calls and texts right to their cell phones, so they stay in touch from home or the road.

Web Meetings

Easily arrange conference calls from anywhere for easy team collaboration. Calls can be recorded and transcribed automatically for quick reference after the meeting.

Microsoft Teams*

Seamlessly integrate it with our class-five soft switch to provide an incredible layer of functionality to Microsoft Teams.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Get every voicemail transcribed to text email automatically to respond faster keep up with calls throughout the day.

The Difference Between SIP Trunking & UCaaS

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) initially provided an alternative to physical phone lines, creating an affordable solution for a company with multiple numbers and extensions. Business owners simply needed the internet to build out their office space. But as communications evolved, so did the need for more than phones.

Unified Communications addresses all of these needs at once: texting, voice call, voicemail to email, contact center and even web conferencing come included with certain packages. This means businesses doesn't need multiple services (or payment plans) for each element. Additionally, our platform integrates with over 200 different software platforms so you can simplify workflows for your clients.

Published 9/1/22