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[Customer Notification]: Important A2P/10DLC Information

[Customer Notification]: Important A2P/10DLC Information 

Published 12/8/2021


Dear Clients:

We would like to inform you of upcoming changes in the delivery and management of SMS & MMS services through the ThreePBX network. These changes are a result of the wireless industry’s collaborative effort to stop unwanted text messages to consumer devices, more specifically what is now referred to as A2P/10DLC (App to Person/10-Digit Long Code) and Toll-Free Message Verification. These changes apply to all A2P messaging service providers throughout the US and Canada.   

To stay in regulation with compliance, we are now requiring you to complete the A2P/10DLC Brand and Campaign Registration form by Wednesday, December 25, 2021.  

If we do not receive the registration form before December 31, 2021, (SMS) text messaging will be disabled from your account. 


To read more information about A2P/10DLC Click Here 

What Is A2P-10DLC  

A2P refers to application-to-person messaging, which refers to a texting tool or platform like ThreePBX that businesses use to communicate.  

10DLC stands for a 10-digit long code, which is a 10-digit phone number bought and owned by your business to be used to send and receive text messages for US and Canada 

Your 10DLC is the area code and phone number that represents your workspace. 


How Will It Affect Business Text Messaging? 

A2P-10DLC policies are a continuation of previous regulations around short-code services like political campaigns and marketing messages. 

This is a great thing for legitimate businesses that text with consumers. 

As it now stands, text deliverability rates are dependent on congestion of activities with service providers.  

Businesses with A2P-10DLC will now have a reputation score. These scores determine priority when it comes to messaging. With a fully registered and compliant business, you will receive a positive reputation score, which can boost your deliverability rate. The businesses that are not registered will receive negative reputation scores. This means your texts will hit a global spam filter, and never get received by their intended target.  

Therefore, registering your business is extremely important. ThreePBX is a registered Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry. 


How Can I Make Sure My Business Is Compliant? 


ThreePBX has made the process of registering for A2P-10DLC simple. You only need to respond to a few questions within the ThreePBX platform and we will take care of the rest. Our experts will assist you in becoming A2P-10DLC compliant.  

Once you are A2P-10DLC Compliant your business will gain the benefits of: 

  • Text from a recognized local area code 

  • Improved deliverability  

  • Text and call on the same phone number 

  • A regulated channel protected from spam 

All we need for your business to be registered, click here to fill out this form. 


When will A2P-10 DLC be rolled out? 


On January 1st, 2021 A2P-10DLC capabilities will be rolled out by ThreePBX. 


If you have any questions, please contact ThreePBX at 877-771-7464